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Plant hives  

Bio art, 2020 - Workshop available

During the first few weeks of quarantine in The Netherlands I created the Plant hives. Giving plastic waste bottles and fruit nets a second life. Everyone is able to construct a bee hive at home, with minimum equipment. The plant hives are inspired by bee hives, they have the same shape and contain an amazing ecosystem. Once the beehive has been constructed it can be hung up outside, somewhere in the sun, and left to grow. The construction consists of a plastic water bottle with tiny holes everywhere wrapped with cloth and then warped with a soil and seed mix, held together by fruit nets that are wrapped around everything to keep it together. The only thing that the owner of the plant hive must do is fill the bottles with water once a week. The plant hive project is a never-ending art piece and will turn into something I have no control of. I am keeping my 1,5-meter distance and letting nature take over! 

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