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Rawnie Parsons-Lock is an artist and art teacher based in the Netherlands. With a passion for art, she finds  joy in imparting her knowledge and enthusiasm to her students, all the while maintaining a sense of curiosity and exploration in her personal artistic practice. Beyond her roles in teaching and managing her growing  business, Rawnie is an avid nature enthusiast, drawing inspiration from the natural world.

Rawnie perceives the human disconnection from nature, and in her art practice, she strives to reestablish this vital link. Her artistic collaboration with nature has resulted in the creation of unique artworks, and she places great emphasis on employing sustainable and biodegradable materials. Rawnie takes pride in crafting her own egg tempera, using non-toxic pigments, and working on plant-based canvases.
The core philosophy of Rawnie's work centres on cultivating a profound connection with nature and inspiring others to appreciate the  beauty of their surroundings. Her curiosity extends to exploring methods of communication with nature, investigating its appearance, sound, and sensory qualities as part of her artistic exploration.


Rawnie Parsons-Lock


If we could communicate 
with nature. Would we treat it differently?

-Rawnie Parsons-Lock    (2023)

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