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Artists statement

- 2018/2022 - Breitner Academie, Amsterdam hogeschool voor de kunsten: Bachelor of education (BEd)
- 2014/2018 -  Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam: Mediadesign, Art & Design
- 2010/2014 -  Pontes Goese Lyceum: Mavo kunst en cultuur

Work experience 
- 2021/today - Het Nieuwe Internationale School Esprit – Amsterdam
   Visual arts teacher for the International middle year curriculum, Language classes and primary education.

- 2021/today - Rawnie Parsons-Lock - Art studio

- 2020/2021 - WE Fashion - Amsterdam
   Sales assistant 

- 2020/2021 - Internship - Het Nieuwe Internationale School Esprit – Amsterdam 
   Visual arts teacher IMYC, year 11 & 12 & the international bachelor diploma program 
- 2019/2020 - Internship - Het Caland Lyceum – Amsterdam
   Visual arts teacher MAVO/HAVO (docent beeldende vorming)
- 2018 - Internship - Art & D-Sign – Goes, the Netherlands
   Graphic designer
- 2017/2018 -Internship - Seacourt print workshop – Bangor, Northern-Ireland
   Workshop assistant & artist

- 2014/2016 - Omnium zwembad - Goes

English - fluent                                  
Dutch - fluent    

Computer skills
Adobe: Photoshop – Illustrator – InDesign – Premiere Pro – Lightroom – After effects
Microsoft: Word – PowerPoint – Teams
Google: Google classroom – Google sites

- July 2022 - Key-note speaker at the Universiteit of Amsterdam (UVA). The talk was about a research that I did on third culture kids and how art lessons can be used to guide children through challenging feelings during/after their transition. More info available on request.


My name is Rawnie Parsons-Lock. I am a young artist and visual arts teacher living in the Netherlands.

Artist world
As an artist I am trying to reconnect with nature in the Anthropocene era that we live in. I find it important that the natural elements have an equal roll in my work as I do. This could mean that the work is a collaboration between nature and me or maybe nature has inspired me in some other way. In an era when life seems to be a race against time, I try to capture the small moments that people tend to ignore or forget exist. 

Usually, I use different materials and a range of techniques in my work depending on the message or story I wish to portray. By combining different materials, alluring textures occur and this makes the work ever more abstract. I also think it's important that artists are aware of the materials they use and their effect on the environment. Art should either be biodegradable, recyclable or strong enough to live forever without disturbing the natural surroundings.

Teaching World

As well as being an artist I also work at a secondary school as a visual arts teacher. I love working with teenagers as I get to understand how they perceive the world we live in and I get to teach them the benefits of art. 
I find it important to teach the students how to tackel modern day problems using artistic problem solving.  To do this I have found that working cross-curricular is very beneficial as it teaches a child how to use multiple skills in one assignment. In my opinion, it is a great way to prepare the student for the "real" world after secondary school as we live in a society where artistic problem solving will be ever more neccesery.


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